Muriel Anderson “Wonderlust” 
…A must-see as well as a must-hear!

Muriel’s new audio-visual show, “Wonderlust”  (from Muriel's website)
Muriel Anderson’s world-renowned guitar and harp guitar playing is highlighted by a backdrop of stunning visuals by celebrated photo-artist Bryan Allen. Together they bring you on a journey around the globe, full of joy and humanity, with new tunes, old favorites, stories and images.

The Story Behind It:
When Muriel first encountered Bryan Allen’s work, she knew she had found her artistic soulmate–she was amazed to find that his photo-art was saying the same thing as her music. They went on to create the eleven-award winning Nightlight Daylight CD, and in the process discovered that their artistic affinity extended to the heart. They started working on how to combine their artistry in a live context, and this show is the result. Bryan’s stunning visuals provide an insightful backdrop to Muriel’s music, accentuating the audience experience as never before.

Preview full-length visual backdrops behind the performance:

A Fine Pickle,by Muriel Anderson
Under Paris Skies, French song
View From Space, by Muriel Anderson
Summer Morning Rain, by Muriel Anderson
Train from Arnhem, by Muriel Anderson
A Baker's Dozen, by Muriel Anderson

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